Blackpool Community Centre

Co-operative Service Centre Ltd.
Established 1968.

The Centre stands at the end of Great William O’Brien St, in what could be described as the ‘Heart’ of Blackpool. Nearby is Blackpool Bridge and across the road is the Church of the Annunciation famous in Cork for the work and design by Seamus Murphy, sculptor and stone mason.

The Centre was opened on December 8th 1968. It is a co-operative in every respect, having been founded with the help of the Assumption Sisters, parish clergy, local business, and most of all, the community in Blackpool, all of whom contributed to the acquisition of the premises at 90 Great William O’ Brien St.
This afforded an opportunity for fulfilling the dream of providing badly needed services for the first time. This included the service of a dispensary doctor, a child health clinic, a social worker, home assistance officer and other services which were not available locally prior to this. Since then the numbers of services available has increased year by year.
The Centre now has a splendid hall, opened in 2000, and which is an ideal venue for special events, the Over 60’s club, Bowling club, and other clubs and activities. The Youth club has its own special rooms, and an outdoor sports area. Many other societies have their home in Blackpool Community Centre and these are listed below.
Blackpool Community Op-operative Service Centre Ltd is a co-operative with the members of the Board of Management. There are 12 places on the Board and this has been the position since the Co-op was founded.
We are pleased that two of the original Board members are still with us and still have an active interest in our well-being. These are Mrs Josephine O’ Shea (life President) and Mrs Hansie Fitzpatrick. Regrettable  Mrs O' Shea died in May 2012 and Mrs Hansie Fitzpatrick died in February 2013 R.I.P.
Blackpool Community Centre
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